About Me


My name is Rachel and I am living the low carb WOE (Way of Eating). From a very young age, I struggled with my weight. By the time I was 21 years old, I was tipping the scales at 264 lbs. In 2012, I decided it was time to make a change. I decided to have gastric bypass surgery which included changing my way of eating to a high fat, low carb diet. I lost a total of 104 pounds but I was very strict with what I ate and my diet was VERY boring. Due to that, after I reached my goal weight, I stopped following my plan. I felt so deprived that I quit my WOE and went back to old habits. Weight loss surgery is a tool, not a miracle cure. When weight loss surgery patients stop measuring their food and following the rules of their diet, they are able to stretch their stomachs back out and regain all of the weight they lost. I unfortunately had done this to myself. I slowly, over a two-year period that included a wedding and a baby, put 50 pounds back on. When I got pregnant, I was back over 200 pounds and decided I could not do that to my body again. Instead, I began following the low carb WOE again while pregnant. Due to not following my diet plan for over two years, I now had to start my weight loss journey over without the help of my weight loss surgery. On the day I gave birth, I weighed exactly the same as I did the day that I got pregnant. Within a month of the birth of my daughter, I was down 30 pounds and am now continuing this WOE. So what’s different this time you ask? This time, I am enjoying my food!! I revise and create recipes that work on a low carb plan that are delicious and won’t break the bank! I also focus on creating family friendly recipes that everyone will enjoy rather they are following a low carb diet or not. I still have twenty pounds to lose to be back at my goal weight and I really hope you will join me on the journey! My blog is a work in progress so bear with me while I work out the kinks! I would appreciate any feedback. =)

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